Tour Activities

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The HBCU HIGHERlearning Tour aims to delve into the intricate world of cannabis, focusing on its politics, challenges, and opportunities. Our panel of experts will facilitate engaging discussions with HBCU students, alumni, and communities. We’ll be joined by local, statewide, and federally elected officials, lawmakers, policy experts, industry regulators, medical professionals, community advocates, and cannabis industry leaders. Together, we will explore the complexities of cannabis laws at the local, county, and statewide levels, as well as examine the social, educational, and economic aspects of the cannabis industry.



HIGHERlearning mixers take place after each event. Our mixers will provide a valuable platform for panelists, students, and local attendees to interact more intimately with our HIGHERlearning event participants.



The 420 event in Los Angeles! This celebration marks the conclusion of our Innovation Competition. We are honoring our champions with a special and exclusive evening at a private Hollywood residence. HIGHERlearning will participate during the 30th anniversary Essence Festival which will mark the end of the tour. This is an opportunity to join one of the most impactful Black Culture events with over 600,000 attendees to highlight our tour’s objectives with several events and affairs

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Kinchasa Taylor – CEO, KIJT Ventures, HL Tour Director
Gloria Govan – HL Tour Collaborator/Production