Benefits Of Sponsorships

  • According to Forbes, HBCUs made a significant economic contribution of approximately $14.8 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018. This impact was a result of their alumni’s spending, increased earning potential, and various business activities.
  • Sponsoring HBCUs allows your company to align its social justice goals with meaningful programs, educational institutions, and events that positively affect African American communities. By participating in 13 events across 13 states, you can engage with over 30 HBCU students, alumni, and local communities.
  • Moreover, this sponsorship presents the opportunity to network with like-minded corporations that share a commitment to fostering growth and development in underserved communities. By accessing a diverse audience of employable candidates, your company can captivate potential lifelong customers while enhancing its corporate reputation and influence in African American communities.
  • The positive exposure gained through sponsorship will maximize your company’s visibility, reaching a diverse audience of over a quarter of a million attendees nationwide. This strategic sponsorship not only supports social justice initiatives but also opens doors to untapped talent, business opportunities, and a stronger presence in diverse markets.

If you are interested in sponsoring or you would like additional information about sponsorship
Kinchasa Taylor – CEO, KIJT Ventures, HL Tour Director
Gloria Govan – HL Tour Collaborator/Production